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How to read air ticket?

Electronic ticket (eTicket) is a modern form of airline ticket, which is already widely used by travelers. In this case, information about the passenger and the flight is stored in a specialized database of airline, so when you register for a flight it is enough to show a passport.

Just like a paper ticket, eTicket is a document that confirms an agreement on the carriage of a passenger by the airline. After the purchase of eTicket passenger gets his visual and short copy, namely a printout of the route of transportation. It has information about departure and destination terminals, departure and arrival time. Itinerary receipt is issued on an ordinary sheet of paper. You can easily do it at home or at work, print out received eTicket.


In order to avoid potential overlap during the trip, be sure to remember:

1. During the trip itinerary receipt is required for border control, as it is, it contains absolutely all the information about the route of your travel. The task of border guards – to check that you have permission to cross borders route (in other words - VISA).

2. Identification document (passport) is also required for the registration.


To register for the flight you need to have a passport. It is enough to be in passport of a parent or have a birth certificate for children who fly within Ukraine and Russia with their parents. Children can travel outside the country with their parents if they are inscribed in their passport or have their own child travel document.


Attention! If a child travel abroad only with one parent, the other parent has to write notarized consent for the child to leave the country.


When you travel with children, note that visas of foreign countries must be obtained for both adult and child.


Positive aspects of eTicket:

1. You can book and buy the ticket on-line on the Internet.

2. It is impossible to lose the eTicket, not to take out of the house, to spoil, because all the information about the ticket and the passenger, stored in a database of airline. The traveler gets an itinerary receipt - it can be printed on an ordinary sheet of paper.

3. You will be able to change your departure date, flight itinerary in the on-line chat with our agents or by telephone. Refund, partial refund or payment of the penalty for changing the departure date can be done on-line. This reduces the time for re-registration of the documents, because you do not need to go to the office and spend time.


1. Despite the fact that transport information is stored in a database of company, we recommend you to take an itinerary receipt.

2. Please do not delete the confirmation of ticket purchase from your email before the end of the trip.

3. Printed eTicket itinerary receipt must be printed out and taken for the trip.

4. If the tickets were paid for with credit card, you must take with them, or else make a copy of the front side, to show during check-in if necessary.

How to get a cheaper ticket:

1. Book tickets in advance, as with the approach of the departure date the ticket price increases. Air tickets are available for booking 360 days in advance.

2. It is necessary to monitor the actions and special rates. Airlines provide information about them. Often they are short-term.

3. Roundtrip air ticket is usually cheaper than 2 one way tickets. So every time check and compare.

4. You can ask our managers about the availability of budget flights or charter flights for your journey. Information about them is not available on-line.