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If you want to search prices, and if you want to book a ticket to Finland you should choose one of the parameters "one-way" or "both ways" in the search form (above) and click "Search". When choosing dates of your trip, you should be aware that, as a rule, the later will be the date of the departure, the more likely to find a cheap ticket.

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If you are traveling to Finland, you can buy a ticket to the cities:

Tickets to Joroinen
Tickets to Kemi / Tornio
Tickets to Kitee
Tickets to Kokkola / Pietarsaari
Tickets to Kuorevesi
Tickets to Pajala
Tickets to Semantan
Tickets to Valkeala
Tickets to Vantaa
Tickets to Ylivieska
Tickets to Kuat
Tickets to Enontekio
Tickets to Ivalo
Tickets to Dzhogiyakarta
Tickets to Kauhava
Tickets to Kauhajoki
Tickets to Kayan
Tickets to Kitty
Tickets to Kuopio
Tickets to Kuusamo
Tickets to Lappeenranta
Tickets to Mariehamn
Tickets to Mikkeli
Tickets to Oulu
Tickets to Pori
Tickets to Rovaniemi
Tickets to Savonlinna
Tickets to Seinäjoki
Tickets to Eastleigh near Southampton
Tickets to Tambao
Tickets to Turku
Tickets to Helsinki
Tickets to Hivinkaa
Tickets to Jyväskylä